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I'm Tone, I'm a queer feminist film maker from Denmark.



Ren Hang: Anatomy of the image

Artist on Tumblr

The revelation of early 2014, Ren Hang is a provocative young  Chinese “photographer and poet”  who explores the possibilities of the body with an uninhibited body and a playful, stylized shamelessness. Condemned by the Chinese intelligentsia, his work has garnered international acclaim at exhibitions around the world. In 2010, he received the Terna Prize for Contemporary Art.

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Tragic day in Copenhagen

I saw a dead swan lying in the middle of the road today. It had been elctrocuted by some cables trying to fly. 

Affter that I saw this, and apparently a 16-year old muslim boy had been killed by a man, who’s bike he had tried to steal. I found a tiny note on it in the newspaper - otherwise no one has spoken of it. 

Also I saw an old lady stading alone, eating the food in the box, which had been placed by the boy’s family or friends.

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my life

me:So I just won a prize, got funding for my next film and an awesome internship as a creative assistant at a film company.
mom:When are you getting into film school? What are your long term plans? You are 18 you need to move out, or you will live at home until you are 30 and nothing is happening in your career and you can never support yourself financially, also you need to move out of your room, your brother wants it and he is too tall for his room!!
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"Doctor, I don’t think you’re going to find this very healthy and clear, but I really would like to stop working forever—never work again, never do anything like the kind of work I’m doing now—and do nothing but write poetry and have leisure to spend the day outdoors and go to museums and see friends. And I’d like to keep living with someone — maybe even a man — and explore relationships that way. And cultivate my perceptions, cultivate the visionary thing in me. Just a literary and quiet city-hermit existence."
Allen Ginsberg, to his psychiatrist, just before he quit his job, moved in with his boyfriend and wrote Howl. (via angelheaded-hipsters-burning)

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